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Men of the Mountains & Valleys

Every mountain has a corresponding valley. The one balances the other. Life is like that-it has its ups and downs. In Scripture, the mountaintop is a place of revelation. But it is a lonely place, a dangerous place, often covered with perpetual snow and rarified air. It is no place for weaklings or cowards. 

Men of the Mountains & Valleys takes you mountain climbing with the great men of the Bible: Noah and Ararat, Abraham and Moriah, Moses and Sinai, Caleb and Hebron, David and Zion, Elijah and Carmel. Then, as if that scenery isn't breathtaking enough, ascend, in reverent awe, the slopes of Matthew's Gospel with the Lord Jesus: the Mountain of Temptation, of Teaching, of Intercession, and of Transfiguration. See the Saviour on the Mount of Olives, Mount Calvary, and the Mount of Commission in Galilee. Then on to that "great and high mountain" of the revelation with venerarable John to view the grand climax of history. At every step in the journey there are great truths relevant for today.
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Angola Beloved

First published in 1967, Angola Beloved still challenges believers today to live a life of faith. From boyhood, T. Ernest Wilson’s imagination was fired by reading about David Livingston, Fred Arnot, and Mary Slessor. He wanted to follow in their footsteps, see the places they had pioneered.

This book is an account both of hardship and joy, as well as setback and accomplishment. It is a riveting story of danger, adventure and opportunity for the Lord. But more than all that, it is a practical example of how we as believers should be living. We do pray that this updated edition will reach a new generation of believers, both young and old who desire to serve the Lord faithfully, putting into practice the words of Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

The Farewell Ministry of Christ 

Called "the holy of holies," chapters 13-17 of the Gospel of John are the very heart and core of Christ's teaching, and of Christianity itself.

A warm and reverent exposition of our Saviour's upper room discourse and high priestly prayer, with emphasis on seven principal doctrines revealed and expounded by Christ Himself.

Chapters include: The Upper Room, Analysis of John 13-17, The Preparation for the Teaching, Question Time at the Table, On the Way to Gethsemane, The Golden Incense Altar, Inside the Sanctuary: Our Lord's Intercessory Prayer for His Own.


God's Sacred Secrets

Faith, the Gospel, Iniquity, the Kingdom of Heaven, Israel's Blindness, the Indwelling Christ... These are among the fourteen doctrines Scripture calls "mysteries" - not something mysterious, but something undiscoverable by human reason, previously hidden, now revealed in the New Testament.

The fourteen mysteries are presented under four main headings: Doctrinal, Dispensational, Devotional and Diabolical. Each is restated with application to the special circumstances of these difficult and dangerous times, which the New Testatment calls "the last days."

There is an extensive bibliography of titles which include helpful material on one or more of these mystery doctrines.


The Messianic Psalms

The Psalms, that favorite part of the Bible for so many, seems to have everything: hymns, history, science, comfort, encouragement, poetry, nature, psychology, and much more.

It also has sixteen Messianic prophecies - psalms telling of the Messiah to come. It is these which are the theme of this volume, presented in their chronological order in the life of the Lord. 

Chapters include Psalm 2 The Official Glory of the Eternal Son, Psalm 40 The Incarnation, Psalm 91 The Temptation, Psalm 41 The Betrayal, Psalm 22 The Crucifixion, Psalm 69 The Trespass Offering and others.

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The Church in the Pastoral Epistles

Presents the Pastoral Epistles’ teachings on the topic of the Church. The papers first appeared in the magazine “Precious Seed” whose committee has kindly given permission that they should appear in this new form. 

Ernest Wilson needs no introduction to the assemblies of the Lord’s people. He is well known on all of the continents of the world. Few men have travelled as widely among missionaries promoting the truth of God. It is our hope to advance the teaching of New Testament church by commending these worthy papers to the attention of the Lord’s people. Topics include – the house of God; the church of the Living God, church government, collective and individual prayer, the ministry of women, discipline, assembly finances, and gift development and exercise.

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God's Call to Special Service

To many of God's people a definite individual call to service is a mystery. There are ten examples in the Bible, seven in the Old Testament and three in the New Testament of men who were called by God to do a specific work. A study of these ten men will show that they were human like ourselves, with many weaknesses and failures, and yet God used them mightily in His service.

The striking thing about each one is that they were individually called by God to do a specific work and were fitted for it and sustained in it. Studies include Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Simon Peter, Paul and Timothy.